We are exhibiting @ Wilhelm Hallen #2

Come by and visit us during Sep 5 – 19

Hannah-Sophie Dunkelberg: Ich mache definitiv Alibi-Arbeiten

Mary-Audrey Ramirez: Die Obszönität der Stickerei

Superfacesurface: Malerei in Wien #8 Katharina Höglinger

Spiegeldialoge #1 – Maria Schumacher

STUDIOVISIT @ Ralph Schuster

Superfacesurface: Malerei in Wien #7 Katharina Schilling

Arthur Löwen

This shop was created to offer a simpler, more inclusive way to acquire art pieces by emerging, young artists.

Our art editions are produced in cooperation with the artists exclusively for our shop & are only available at KubaParis. The goal is to make art accessible to a wider audience.



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