KubaParis has been reporting independently on the young art scene worldwide since 2013. The magazine was launched as a support platform for young artists and has developed into one of the best-known online platforms for young art internationally and the largest online platform for young art in Germany. 

In 2019 the magazine added KubaParis Shop to its program. Here we offer editions and single works by selected contemporary artists from all over the world. We have chosen to keep our price range low to medium, as we intend to make the works affordable and obtainable to a larger audience.

By improving access to the artist's backgrounds by publishing studio visits, artists portraits and curating inclusive art events, we hope to grow a new and less exclusive way of collecting art. 

This is how we want to contribute to the future of contemporary art.

The shop was created to provide an easier and more straight way to acquire artworks from emerging artists. With your purchase at KubaParis Shop you are directly supporting young artists. 

Our participating artists create their editions exclusively for our shop and are only available at KubaParis. 

With a modern, fair, uncomplicated and transparent way to acquire young art, we want to help you to become the art collector of tomorrow. 



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